My First Solo Exhibition

Thought I would mention that the lovely people at Australia on Collins, 260 Collins Street Melbourne have an exhibition space up on level 5 and I’m having my first solo exhibition there in April next year.

I’ve been involved in some joint exhibitions there before and although AoC is not a gallery, the space does get a lot of pedestrian traffic and generates good feedback on your work – even sales. I was involved in an exhibition there which raised a generous amount of money for Plan’s 2004 Tsunami Appeal. This time I’ll be exhibiting my photos and diary notes from my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

So drop in and check out the space, there is usually something different there each month and the space might be of interest to you.

If anyone would like more info please feel free to contact me and if anyone has any tips from their exhibition experiences that they would like to share, I’d be very grateful.


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