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I am a small town girl and a mother of two amazing children .. I enjoy photography as a hobby. I love taking pictures of my kids, animals, landscape and just all together fun things and things that capture MY attention. I am hoping RB helps me get my photos out there and also helps me learn a few things on my journey. I would appreciate any comments (good or bad). I want your honest opinion no matter what. Thanks to all and enjoy!

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Thanks so much!

I want to again thank the Ohio Photographers group for featuring another one of my photos…You guys truely brighten my day and give me inspiration to do more!! :)
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Thanks so much to everyone for their support and for another feature in the EYES HAVE IT group….I am truely amazed and blessed!!
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I was featured again!!! This is my third time so far and I get giddy like a little kid everytime!! This feature was in the “the eyes have it” group. It was a shot of my little angel hiding under a blanket saying peek-a-boo (also the title of the pic). I am enjoying RedBubble so much. Thanks for everyones support!! / Jenn
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