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Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia

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Short, bubbly and slightly batty.

My enthusiasm towards Art brought me to live in Melbourne, Australia, where I was working for the past, almost three years, as a 2D and 3D Artist for a Video Game company.

I currently run my own freelance business, where I specialise in Character Design and Illustration. This is also rapidly extending into the world of Website layouts and that’s getting pretty exciting!

I spend my days dabbling in creative projects, playing video games and enjoying movies on big screen while I wait for the snowboarding season to begin.
Deviant Art: Montassj

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She drags her feet through fallen leaves / Yellows and reds try to be seen, / But her blue clouds them / People brush past her, her hand touches no one. / The image negatives of times ago develop / Slowly into photographs of recall. / A spoken farewell kisses her lips as she tells them “farewell”.
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