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Natasha C

Natasha C

East Ipswich, Australia

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GrapeStomp Festival

Hey! I haven’t been one of the most vocal red bubble members, so thought I should start sharing with you all some of my escapades over the last few years :)

It’s been an exceptionally busy time- so I thought I would start slowly but surely, and very self-absorbedly- start talking about the things I’ve been up to. Especially considering I’ve been on sabbatical the last few weeks and intend to continue my “life of leisure” for the coming few :)

GrapeStomp Festival is the second festival my best friend Katie and I ran together with the help of a very skilled designer we commissioned, who has some work on The Bubble their-self.

The festival for us was all about the importance of buying local, organic, hand-made… recycling! up-cycling! hell, there was e…