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I find inspiration in the behaviour of the heart, vintage photography, and the taste of raspberries. The sounds of foreign languages, vintage dresses and drinking Gin are my indulgences. I’m fascinated by street art and finding hidden romantic messages in laneways.


“things I have loved I’m allowed to keep” Regina Spektor

“be dizzy forget be forlorn fall into my arms ride a bicycle on a lake of ice sing without a tongue hold me like a cello” LisaG


My images and writing do not belong to the public domain – all images and writing are copyright © N Basave. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these writings or images without written permission is strictly prohibited.

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The tale of my first poetry reading

It was a cold Monday evening where the rain splattered mud onto the footpath and Sydney typically could have been mistaken to be in the depths of Winter rather than early Autumn. I had oddly spent the previous hour in the park, following orders from a gym instuctor to do push ups closer into the mud, and as I walked down the street I checked to make sure traces of dirt had been brushed off my han…
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