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The Museum of Letters

I love my feed reader and today it unearthed this gem from the ever awesome swissmiss blog. Feast your eyes upon The Museum of Letters (or Buchstabenmuseum if you’re a local Berliner).

The Museum of Letters is devoted to preserving and documenting letterforms. We are currently in the process of putting together our permanent collection and are actively searching out outstanding letterforms and typographic objects that merit preservation.

The collection is made up of salvaged letters, some from factory or large store signage.
You can view more of the collection here.


  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 4 years ago

    LOL, amazing. You half to wonder what happens to old signs.

  • There’s also a Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas which I’ve always wanted to visit – especially the boneyard :)

    – Natalie Tyler

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 4 years ago

    Thank you for the links, I appreciate it.

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstonealmost 4 years ago

    Wow, isnt that fabulous! Also, the boneyard!!

  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingalmost 4 years ago

    wonderful….if I think hard I can remember when the State Bank signs were all taken down (logo must have changed or something?) in Melbourne….and “collected” and somewhere a lounge room was decorated with a message made out of those letters….

  • There was also the legendary Melbourne University Treasure Hunt in ‘O’ Week each year where new students had a list of things they had to collect. I worked at Red Rooster for years as a kid and each year, the S would go missing from signs across Melbourne, leaving the words Red Rooter. Last time I was in Melb, I think I saw one for sale in Chapel Street Bazaar.

    – Natalie Tyler