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19, from Rotherham (rov’rum), I am the teenager with her shoe laces tied. Crafting Procrastinator, pessimist and professional lazy bones.
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Star Wars fans, or just anyone who’s interested in sci fi or just anyone who wants to help. You have probably already heard but, Star Wars are currently running a competition to win a role in Star Wars Episode VII. You will get to have a part in the new movie as well as have the opportunity to meet the cast and crew. All you have to do is donate $10 to UNICEF. $10 that’s not a lot is …
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Bow & Arrow

oooh this is my first journal post, this is quite exciting isn’t it? Hello to you if you are reading this :) i don’t know why it has took me so long to write on here :S anyway, on with the show. I thought i’d write my first post about my summer plan, the plan i came up with whilst watching The Hunger Games and still in a saddened mood over Allison’s death in Teen Wolf. The…
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