Hi, my name is Doug and I am married with two adult children.
I am lucky enough to live on Sydney’s Northern beaches which have some beautiful landscapes and beaches.
I have been taking pictures for a couple of years now and I love the whole experience of getting out and about to take the pictures and then looking at the finished product.
This is the first hobby I have had and I love it.

Money received from any sales of my work will be donated to The Australian Conservation Foundation or Land Care Australia.
As I walk around taking pictures I see lots of hard working volunteers looking after our lovely reserves and parks. They do a great job.
I have also come across a quote that seems very important to me as a good guide to life.

Life is a journey, not a destination."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am more than happy to make you a calander of any pics you want, just email me at dougcliff8@gmail.com

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Its been two years now

It’s been two years now since my wife and I moved back to my mother’s house to look after her. / When my mother had her stroke the hospital said that she could no longer live alone and it was the nursing home or someone would have to look after her. / The house is small with one bathroom so it’s a bit a bit squeezy for us all to fit in. My wife has been a pillar of strength and none of this wou…
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Mum and Mudgee

My mother has been recovering from a stroke which hit her pretty hard, it has now been twelve months and I decided that it was time to take a trip to the country to see her grandchildren. I was reluctant to do this as she is a little forgetful and doesn’t like being out of her familiar surroundings. I had stopped work to look after her so I thought that I had better give it a go and we headed off…
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Parkes and Orange

We went to Orange again to see my wife’s friend Jane. She has been having trouble at school with her son. He has Autism and the school has not been looking after him as they should. My wife went there so she could offer her friend some support at a meeting with the school. On the surface the meeting appeared to go well. / While we were there I thought it might be a good idea to go to Parkes as it…
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The Rock

It all started very early on Thursday morning, we have to allow three hours to get to the airport and check in, it’s about a 40km drive. Then the flight is about three hours from Sydney to Ayres Rock. Its about 2,800km by road. / Its an amazing flight right through the middle. We flew over Lake Ayer and had a very good view. We were lucky and had three seats each so I was able to take lots of pic…
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