My Day

Well it all started at around 7am. I got out of bed and asked my wife if she wanted me to cook her breakfast. She said yes and I cooked her some lovely poached eggs on toast. She was very happy about this and headed off to work.
My youngest daughter was still in bed and I wasn’t shore if she was awake or not so I phoned her mobile and asked her if she wanted to go canoeing. She said no at first but I said it would be only for half an hour and in the lake across the road. She eventually agreed and got out of bed. By this time my eldest daughter had come home and I asked her if she would like to join us. She said yes and we all headed off to the lake, dog and all. We had a great time paddling all over the lake and no one fell in. One of life’s great pleasures is spending time with your adult children.
When I got home we washed the canoes and the dog and I phoned my mum and told her that I would be up to take her shopping in about half an hour. I picked my mum up and headed off to the shops. We had a lovely coffee and a chat before she headed off to Coles and I went into Kmart in search of bargains. We met up at the checkout and then I took her home after we stopped at the fish shop to buy her some fresh fish. She was very happy indeed with her little outing.
When I returned home I did a quick tidy up and had a little nap before my wife came home.
When my wife came home we sat on the lounge and had a beer together and discussed our day. We actually resolved a few issues so I went to use the computer and have another beer. When I looked out the window I noticed that the sky was magnificent so I put my beer back in the fridge and jumped on my push bike and headed for the beach, one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen.
I took hundreds of pictures and was very happy indeed.
By the time I got home my youngest daughter had prepared a lovely meal of cutlets, chips and a lovely pear salad.
I am now looking at the pictures I took today with a beer in hand and thinking that life doesn’t get much better than today.

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