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I'm out of touch for bit...

To ll my dear dear redbubble friends…. Beirut is a furnace… soooo hot. So I am making my annul journey and going up to the mountains. Fortunately the climate there is fresh, arid and outstanding. I’ll have plenty of time to paint (I’m teacher… summer off till Sept 1) UNFORTUNTELY, I do not have INTERNET in my mountain house !!! :( I’ve tried to get internet there every year but to no avail… even wireless is difficult. Although I heard a rumor that I may be able to access it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise when I wnt to upload pictures and see all your wonderful work, i will have to come down to the seaside or visit an internet cafe. So for now… happy summer (or winter) and i hope i will be logging on the rb sooner than…

2 Sales Today... YIPPPPEEEE!

I am thrilled… I made 2 sales today of 2 different mounted prints!

Still life and Arch Window 1

Still life and Arch Window 2

Thank You to my buyers… I hope you like the mounted prints!!!! You have made me a happy artist!

Thanks for the 2 features today

A feature makes me happy… 2 features make me sooooo thrilled!!!

My latest painting Four Elements was featured in live,love, dream

And my painting Spicy Salsa Dance was feaatured in Pop Art

I send big thanks to the monitors for featuring my work!

I won a Challenge... YIPPEEEE!!

Winner of the Shadows and Silhouettes Challenge in First Things Group

This is the first Challenge I have ever won… and there were over 100 entries. I’m thrilled and so is my daughter… she was the so called “Director” of this photo shoot… there are actually about 15 different shots like this we did that night. So I just want to thank everyone who voted for it… Thanks!

I have a Home Page Feature... an early birthday gift?

It’s still one day before my birthday, but Redbubble is sending me an early gift….. they featured my painting, Woman with her Diary on the Redbubble Home Page

Featured on Redbubble’s HOME PAGE June10,09

I want to thank the Redbubble monitors for recognizing my work. I love being a part of Redbubble, so inspirational and so many talented artists out there!

PS>>> If anyone can help me and tell me how I can capture and sve the homepage image… i’l be grateful!

Thanks again…

Wow ... 6 Features today!!!

Wow …today was a big feature day… I had three different paintings featured in 5 different groups and I was featured in The Sisterhood as well… and my birthday isn’t until this Thursday!!!

Woman with her Diary … Was featured in First Things, Feminine Intent, and The Sisterhood Wow….This made me very happy. Thank you to all the monitors for this honor.

And a big thank you also to the monitors at Everyday Woman for featuring my painting Dance in Nature (this was also featured yesterday in Acrylic Paintings)

And finally Belly Dancer was featured in The Sisterhood. A big Thank You to all the hard working monitors!

This is a gooood day!

Once upon a time....

Me and My Stage Set
8×2 meters Tempera Paint on Styrofoam Boards
Click Here to see stage

This is where I was one month ago… happy, at work teaching art and preparing one of the three stage sets for the school’s Year End Show…. I guess I could say this stage set was like the old saying “The straw that broke the camel’s back”. Or should I say this is “The stage that broke my back!” I really shouldn’t put all the blame on this beautiful stage (which I painted over the course of 2 days, about 6 or 7 hours total time; in between teaching my art classes). But this is actually the last project I was working on when I felt my back go wrong. First of all I should clarify that I have had back problems (a surgery a dozen years ago), but I hav…

Thanks "Hairstyles" for the feature

WOW…. I’m so happy you featured my image"Just a Glance". It’sone of my favorites (the model is my daughter). I am really enjoying this group…. it’s got such a chic, stylish edginess. The art is captivating and inspirational and I’m honored to be a part of it. Thank You!

Featured Artist in the Rhode Island Group

First of all big thank you for the FEATURE ARTIST in the GROUP RHODE ISLAND!!!!

Hi… this is a shout out to all the Rhode islanders in RI Group. What a huge suprise to find you on Redbubble. I was born and raised in RI (pawtucket to be exact) and I miss it soooo much. The State may be small but its gifts are HUGE!!! I am jealous of all of you who are there now painting and photographing the streets and scenes…

I have only uploaded 2 paintinigs about RI so far (Stroll through Slater Park and Life Guard Guarding over me). But now that I know you are here I will upload some more!!! I’m haappy to have found a connection back in RI; where all my family still resides!
So you know when ever I feel homesick (which is quite often) I’ll be checking in on your galleries to cat…

"Girl in Mirror " Featured in Feminine Intent

I am soooo pleased to have found Redbubble and now I am doubly happy that my work is being so well recieved. It’s a true honor to have my work amoung all the fine work here and I thank Feminine Intent for recognizing and featuring my painting “Girl In Mirror” THANKS! I am in awe of the quailty art and talented artists that are here at RB. I can’t wait everyday to open it up and see what’s new!

Redbubble 101

This is a Redbubble 101 to me. I just joined this week and uploaded a few paintings. I decided that I needed to get my work seen by more than my local Lebanese gallery and restaurant goers. AND 2 days ago I made my first sale on Redbubble, very cool!!! So as soon as I saw this I jumped up and uploaded a few more paintings. I’m loving looking at all the incredible art out there. There are soooo many artists I wonder who would care about my work… but then i stop and think… I CARE! Doing my art is the center of my life. And if you think no one cares about your work… your wrong. EVERYONE IS JUST WAITING TO SEE WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE. SO KEEP UP THE ART WORK, BOTH FOR YOURSELF AND FOR US.

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