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Once upon a time....

Me and My Stage Set
8×2 meters Tempera Paint on Styrofoam Boards
Click Here to see stage

This is where I was one month ago… happy, at work teaching art and preparing one of the three stage sets for the school’s Year End Show…. I guess I could say this stage set was like the old saying “The straw that broke the camel’s back”. Or should I say this is “The stage that broke my back!” I really shouldn’t put all the blame on this beautiful stage (which I painted over the course of 2 days, about 6 or 7 hours total time; in between teaching my art classes). But this is actually the last project I was working on when I felt my back go wrong. First of all I should clarify that I have had back problems (a surgery a dozen years ago), but I have always seemed to be able to bounce back after several days if I had an episode…. But last month, I guess my back was ready for a revamp.

The pain came fast and hard. So, on doctors orders, not that I had a choice (I couldn’t even walk), I was sent to home to rest, with an appointment for an MRI the following week and a bag drugs… anti-inflamatoires, pain killers and more pain killers. After a week of no sleep and constant pain in my back and my leg (which was NUMB and PAINFUL at the same time) the day of the MRI arrived; this was an excrutiating event in that I had to lie flat on my BACK for 30 minutes and I had not been able to lie flat on my back for over WEEK! But I was determined to find out how to remedy my back and got through the MRI. The MRI revealed a second shattered and fragmented disc impinging on several nerves and surgery was needed …asap.

This Link shows one of many drawings I had done during the week between the MRI and awaiting my surgery. The days and nights just didn’t seem to stop rolling and they were all the same…painful. I wasn’t sleeping, nor eating much, just enough to take the pills with. On the side of the drawing I wrote the phrase:

The days are long, the nights are longer
The pills are strong, the pain is stronger

I hated the nights… I should be sleeping….everyone else was sleeping and dreaming and finding relief from their daily lives. But for me the weeks before surgery were just one long stretch without relief.

Finally,the day of the surgery arrived!!! It has now been 10 days since my surgery and I am home recuperating. I have come through it a new and whole and painfree person. I thank my doctor, Dr Elie Daou for his expertise and care in restoring my health; I am truly in debt to him and my loving family and all the staff at the hospital that took care of me.

They say when God closes one door, He opens a window somewhere. I believe this. Since the surgery, I have been able to reprioritize myself, and health is up there on top. I also found that my art was a saving grace….as I felt it, I sketched it and somehow the pain would go out through my hand to the pencil to the paper and it made some sort of therapy for me.

So now I am more than happy! I am being very patient, a patient patient. The healing process needs to take its time. But I am happy to let it take its time and mend my back, hopefully stronger than before.

One week prior to my back problems I was fortunate to have hooked up with an online community of artists at Redbubble. I had uploaded some of my favorite art work and was thrilled to recieve great feedback. I even made a sale the first week!!!$$$ So now, not only am I am home recovering physically and healthwise, but with Redbubble I am also rejuvenating my passion and love of art and appreciating the gift I have as well as the incredible gifts of my fellow artists!

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