What makes your life wonderful?

I was on my way for a day trip to the beach. My car was full of lovely young High school ladies that I’ve had the privilege to come to know, love and mentor. They, and the others that were unable to come with us that day, allow me to be a part of their lives and we have laughed and sometimes cried together. More than just a mentor they have accepted me as friend. I thought, as we were traveling, that they are a large part of what makes my life wonderful. Something that I will look back on fondly when I’m old and grey, which can’t be measured by any wealth here on earth. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that makes my life wonderful. My Husband of 23 years and my beautiful 3 children, who are hardly children anymore. My faith in a God who is passionately in love with me and has blessed me with all these things. A passion so strong that it can’t be contained but only shared; for people, the youth, nature, music and art. The ability to not only see beauty but create it as well. And last but not least, the ability to love and be loved by so many. These are some of the things that make my life wonderful, funny how none of them include wealth, business success, achievement, possessions, or anything else that this world often promotes as what it takes to have a wonderful life. Is this a life without pain, suffering or hurt? Not at all, but with hope, faith and love, “wonderful” can still be found.

What makes your life wonderful??

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