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Through the fine initiative shown by Ashlee Maegan and my recurrent dismay at finding my letterbox full of junk mail and various institutions demanding money or reminding me how little I have, I would like to make a call to arms (And hands, left and right are both acceptable) and revive the age old art of postcards. I will send a random postcard (most likely heavily altered) to anyone who sends m…
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A Call for Guerilla Public Art - nofrillsart and Guernica

For those of you who were curious about Picasso’s Guernica… / The following blog text can be found here / Art has power. Here is how much: / John T. Unger, an artist and longtime commenter on Collision Detection, recently announced an intriguing art project called “American Guernica: A Call for Guerilla Public Art”. He’s calling upon artists nationwide to post replic…
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