As an avid lover and collector of interesting T-Shirts over the past 15 years, I’ve finally convinced myself to give it a crack at designing some myself. And as a worker in the entertainment industry I do seem to have a lot of time on my hands.

I am no great artist by any means. All the graphics used are royalty free grabs that I’ve found somewhere on the Interweb. I’m more about text structure, content, left field thinking and just generally having a laugh.

I never mean to have fun at anyones expense, and I sincerely hope I and you are laughing with others, rather than @ a particular group or person, that’s bad MmmKay!

Anyway I hope you enjoy my ‘art’. Comments are welcomed, as are ideas.

I’ll be adding new ideas when wonderful things spring into my head, get transferred to the computer, are played with for a period of weeks and are proof read before final release (I know it’s a long and exhaustive process, ‘Who Knew?’)

And remember………SMILE! It makes everything better.

PS. A small thank you to the following people, in no particular order…….
everyone in this silly business we work in (We need all the cheering up we can get), E. (for proof reading my final drafts and finding many speeling & gramaticamal eorrors throughout, sorry that you don’t like that creepy image) drtherock (For inspiration to publish and show that us workers can do other things apart from lift heavy things) Beer (For the inspiration), And most importantly my JOB (Which allows my mind to wander, to weird and wonderful places at times)

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