Growing up, I spent a lot of time doing abstract artwork, and I would always get positive feedback. Although, I was most often too shy to take the compliment, and I didn’t believe my art was worthy of the admiration.

Now, I am nearly 30 and although I do not have the amount of wisdom that I will have in 70 years time, I am wise enough to know that the abstract artworks that I create are valuable and enjoyed by onlookers.

I’m using RedBubble to share my artwork to a broader audience than an original painting is able to be shared. Most often, my abstract art that is posted on this site has an original that is already purchased.

I am available to do commissioned work. I can work on stretched canvas, but I most enjoy working on canvas board. Thank you very much for your interest and I wish you the best with your goals and dreams!

Also! I just published my first colouring book. Go to and search for “Feel Good Coloring Nadine Staaf”

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: March 2008