Rumors Dismissed

Yeah, the rumors of me being so old that I forgot I had friends on Redbubble can be laid to rest now.
LOL By the time most of you read this I’ll be in my car (Barb at my side) headed for Pennsylvania to join our granddaughters (my son and daughter-in-law too, but they’re no fun..) Then the whole crew will head ever further north (northwest actually) towards that tourist loving, money hungry location of Niagara Falls. I’m the only one of the crew that been before (twice) so they’re all excited about heading for this beautiful tourist trap to spend paw paw’s money.
All joking aside it is a beautiful place, one of those places that should be experienced by all who can.
I will be doing a lot of driving and tourist type things for almost a good week or maybe a bit longer, meaning I won’t be doing computer things like chatting with my friends on RB.
The girls are coming back to North Carolina with Barbara and myself to spend another couple of weeks before school starts back. Their dad’s baseball season will be finished so he’s going to make the trip to retrieve them. He probably knows after all the driving I did to get them, he’d better come after them, I’d probably just put them in school here and not bring’m home. LOL
I hope that you have managed to filter though some of this and got the message that I’m going to be “off the net” for at least a week. Cheers my friends, we’ll chat when I return.

PS because I’m already on the road ….truly there’s no need to reply…. and of course I realize that some of you won’t be able to help yourself and will do so anyhow.

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