Most people think I am strange… that’s fine because I find most people very odd indeed!
I have wanted to be a writer since I was 4 and have been learning how to spell and arrange words differently as effectively as possible…
My art is an attempt to do what I want to do with my computer what I can’t with my hands. My vision is unlimited. I’m just getting my ability to match now :)

The world is a simple and yet intriguing thing. What most people struggle with I seem to understand completely. However the simplest things sometimes need to be explained to me… meaning of life: NO PROBLEM. Council tax: whut?

I LOVE talking to new people and hearing suggestions and recommendations for my work. I am starved of feedback most of the time.

There is a lot inside my head and this box is too small for even a little of it. But I would love to talk to anyone if they are interested.
I promise many deep and often interesting views on almost EVERYTHING.

i have wanted to be an author since i can remember, and since i could pick up a camera i wanted to be a photographer for fun. then ilearned to use photoshop and it started getting interesting haha.

i have one story that is epic beyond proportion, it has been rewritten and changed so many times it’s unreal. but it’s my hope to have it one day completed, that will be the marker that when i was a 4-year-old sprog telling my mum i wanted to be a travelling storyteller (didn’t like writing things down) i one-day dreamed i would e able to do. to have so much story in one place that to tell it all you would need a crowd of hundereds… or one heck of a binder for all those pages.

it’s been my dream to talk to a stranger about my books they have read, to discuss the characters, their motivation and potential for them.

my photography and photomanipulation are all for fun really, i do them wen i have free time and am inspired to create something.

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Nothing rehersals

While i’m getting my shoulder back in shape, i keep finding myself killing time throughout the day… / little exersize and little going out to do stuff is making me faaaar too lazy… / but, i have edited the forst 100 pages of the plague and i am happy enough with them. three plot-holes fixed, generally fixing issues that were there. / i just need to rewrite the next 100. / to be …
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stitches and gauze

just got home from hospital and am curent laid up in a bit of pain… glad i can type better with my other hand though haha. / i don’t know if i’ll be able to do anything visual with mu left-hand, i’m not sure of my mouse-skills with this hand. but i hope to get back into some much-needed writing! / little surprised that i got a txt off a ‘you are entitled to claimR…
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To Do list:

1: make list / 2: work / 3: clean up the house and help out where needed / 4: art and CG requests / 5: PERSONAL writing, art and other creative works / 6: PERSONAL gaming, Xbox, TD games / TO have / do whenever / 1: tea / 2: look at / review new parts for DAZ (TO SORT) / 3: clean ’puter folders (SERIOUS TO SORT!)
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first entry. an update from noting

feeling rather artistic… attempted to render myself some dreamscapes but ended up failing miserably… after hunting down popular high-qualiy resolutions (i think i started at 4000X3000 pixels) i find that my programe can’t handle saving images at that levell… merely rendering them and showing me them on-screen… / i copy them, paste into a PSD-cument and… what&#…
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