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My husband and I live on a turf farm which we lease out as we are now retired. We still love the lifestyle here, by the Macleay River which runs through Kempsey, NSW past our farm and winds its way out to sea at South West Rocks.
We moved up here from Sydney 13 years ago and absolutely love the place, not too crowded, pure white sandy beaches and a wealth of photos to take and make into postcards or blow up and frame to sell at the Arts & Craft Co-op shop in SWR where I work half a day weekly.
I take mostly local scenery and wildlife including pelicans, kookaburras, possums, sugar gliders, owls and anything else that I fancy including cattle. We do have the odd couple of dolphins swim past our place on the way further up the river where fish spawn but very hard to get a clear picture of them.
We also have regular sightings of them and whales from the Smoky Cape Lighthouse or the Trial Bay Gaol which are also here.
John and I have just come back from the USA where we belong to a time share group with an RV (Campervan) and toured from Idaho down to Arizona for 8 weeks. As you can imagine I have lots of photos to sift through and found out that an 8GB stick holds 5,600 pics. Isn’t it that incredible and I have two of them. The mind boggles.
I have some of the photos on Facebook as that was the easiest medium to reach when I was away. I would love to be a Travel Writer but will probably just do blogs of the areas we went to. We touched on 8 states in 8 weeks.

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