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Jane Underwood

San Francisco, United States

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Note: I joined RedBubble in Dec. 2009, but I didn’t start adding photos until Dec. 2011! Got sidetracked.

Finding My Third Eye: A Mini-Memoir

It is 1977 and I am new to San Francisco, freshly graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in creative writing (major: poetry with an emphasis in unemployment). I become a clerk in a record store. I fall for a man who shows me a book by local photographer Imogene Cunningham — portraits of the elderly taken when she herself was an elderly gnome. I know nothing about photography, but I save up to buy a “fancy” camera anyway, one step above a brownie.

While living in a seedy boarding house, I play around with shutter speeds and lamplight, snapping arty pictures of record album covers. One day I take to the streets and capture a picture of a distinguished gentleman in a fedora, sitting on a bench. His resolute, chiseled face matches the strength of the brick wall and the lines of the bench.

Read rest of this “memoir” (essay?) on my photo website, My.Third.Eye.Photograpy:

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