I am a graduate of History at the University of Kent. I have a strong passion for history which I hope comes across in my writing.
I also love fantasy and historical fiction. These two things heavily influence my writing, which is mostly short stories, though I am currently working on a novel based around medieval fantasy.
A lot of what I post on redbubble are short extracts from the larger novel I am writing, which is why you may see the same names popping up!
I like going out of my comfort zone as well when writing, so I have the odd poem or story about a current social issue.
I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

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Recently Added

Escaping Rome

A voice startled him suddenly, “You are an escaped slave.” / It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact.

Griffon Hunting

The thing was huge, as large as any bear Robert had ever seen. Its hind quarters were similar to that of a lion, though its head was more e…

The Kings Camp III

Two months ago he had been coronated in the capital, seemingly a boy. Now he was a young man leading an army.

The Kings Camp II

They were soldiers in my army, the responsibility is mine to bear.

The Kings Camp I

“I do not wish for you to counter it, Your Holiness, I wish for you to manipulate it.” There was a babble from the priests at this, heads w…

Forging Alliances

Farran never took his eyes off Querrick, he rounded the table and came face to face with the suddenly defiant Lord of Anvilport.


A wry smile cracked Nathan’s face, the first smile he had allowed himself all day. He went to the fridge and got out a cold beer, he then t…

Moving on.

You spend time each day thinking about it, the people and the places, and how all of that is over. What is worse, is that you write about i…

Heading For Home

The girl walks silently alone. / Stood up again and dressed up for nothing. / In her heels and black dress, she walks home.

The beginning

he was the only man alive who would dare talk to the Lord of the Bitterkeep in such tones.

The Host Marches

“The Black Lion, The Black Lion!” The ancient war cry of a Royal Army. Horses reared and drums began to be pounded, a steady marching beat …

War Comes

“Dad, they are trying to kill us! What do we do?”
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