in a world you've never known

so my high school every year goes downtown to help special needs kids do art.
best. freakin. day. ever.

this is seth, savannah, and me.

and the headgear is too keep aliens from reading our thoughts.

just kidding. we set up a booth for abstract painting where kids could paint using a headlamp band with a paintbrush attatched (like a UNICORN :D ) and had them use their heads to paint. it was awesome.
this is alyssa. she was a beast at this :)

you observant ones might notice a streak of white paint in my hair. hear this: its takes being ninja to avoid getting slammed in the face with a paintbrush at that booth.
moving on.
this is another girl (i cant remember her name, sad day) that was also awesome. i caught this shot of her

this is robert, a high school student who painted a toaster and then transformed it into abstract magnificence!

this guy (i THINK his name was Chris…there were so many) was brought to artspring with his friend and had lots of talent

this is my homie and uberbestest friend Savannah being AWESOMEsauce

and here

finally….ALEX. this guy made the most beautiful painting….so amazing.
he started here…

and then did this

the making of…the above
E: so alex, we have this theme going of an imaginary place…so what kind of place do you think you want to paint?
A: um…a village
E: awesome, what kinds of colors do you want for your village? we have red, blue, orange, white…
A: I think i’ll use the red. The red, please.
E: cool. so lets go rinse off your brush and we’ll get you some red paint….


E: so is that the village youre painting?
A: yes, thats the village. thats what the village looks like.
E: thats so cool, its beautiful. do you still want to stick with red?
A: yes please
E: awesome, what else does your place have?
A: thats the sun, the red there. the village has a sun.
E: eeeepic thats legit. do you want to switch colors now?
A: um…
E: we have red, blue, orange, purple, green, white
A: i think i’ll just use the white please
E: awesome, lets go rinse off your brush first


A: so thats the angel. the village has an angel
E: thats so beautiful
A: and…and theres a coffin. because the people died. so they needed a coffin.
E: right…but theres the angel
A: and theres a star
E: awesome…the angel and the coffin and the star
A: yeah…theres a star…

it was so beautiful!!!!!

me and alex.
this is the kind of thing you never forget…

oh and wait, this is seth being awesome and helping evan, who has almost no muscle control, paint this

some the art collaborated

today. was. awesome.

be inspired.

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