Yamba Waters, Australia

Service with a smile

Jill is in her sixties and is travelling around Australia in her Winnebago.
When she arrived in the New South Wales town of Coonabarabran she noticed a camp set up at the showground. On inquiring she found out it was BlazeAid quarters for volunteers helping farmers recover after the devastating bushfires.
For two months Jill worked hard building fences and in the evening she would sit around the campfire exchanging stories with like minded folks.
A wonderful day was planned for the Coonabarabran Cup. An annual horse race attracting thousands of people. All the BlazeAid volunteers were invited to meet the locals.
They met a lot more people than expected as buses arrived from many country towns
A grand auction was to be held to raise money for the Mayors’ Appeal.
There was a truck load of donated goodies as well as many gift vouchers.
Jill was bidding on a service by Jack Frost as her winnebago was running a bit sluggish.
She had decided to stop bidding at $300. however, the gift voucher ended up going for an amazing $2,100.
BlazeAid volunteers are still laughing over this incident. Jack Frost was a stallion
The bushfire recovery lasted six months and over 1,000 volunteers spent time helping farmers in the Coona. area.

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