All of the photographic images in this portfolio represent my exploration of visual clarity (or lack of it) and visual boundaries.

Light fascinates me. So do eyes. How do I see the world? Always through one lens or another. Because I was extremely myopic I wore corrective lenses from early childhood. Thanks to those glasses and, later, contact lenses, I could see beyond the tip of my nose. Then I discovered photography and was intrigued by how adding other lenses would alter the world around me. As I aged, my vision worsened and eventually I had cataracts removed. Now I have corrective lenses inside my eyes – amazing! – and although seeing is remarkably easier than it ever was, I’m even more intrigued by the way camera lenses interact with light.

Over the years I’ve learned that visual reality is an “iffy” thing: it means different things to different people. We all perceive the vibrations of light within our own context and our perceptions shift over time. The photography in this portfolio currently reflects my perceptions beginning in early 2006 (when I began using a digital camera) and continuing through to the present. By late spring 2016 I plan to add additional series of images scanned from slides and negatives from 1982 through 2005.

For those who may be wondering, I’ve defined photography here to include “as is” work, lightly edited work from within the camera and/or in an editing program, and heavily edited work where additional textures have been added. There is, however, only one layer of photography in each image. These are not multi-layered compilations (except where noted) or mixed media pieces.
Please note that the images in this portfolio are all original and do not belong to the public domain. All the images are copyrighted & may not be shared, reproduced, copied, uploaded, published, or manipulated in any way without explicit, written permission from MyopesEyes (Robin King).

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