Are You Blind?

Are You Blind?

Do we need a compass?
A Timeline?
Extraordinary Proof?
The Moon falls from the sky?

If something extraordinary happens and
only a couple hundred people witness it
does that mean it didn’t really happen?

Which people on Earth are Qualified Witnesses?
What are the Qualifications?
We have animals dying.
Becoming extinct.

We have millions of people dying.
Starvation and disease.
We throw away enough food every day to feed
the rest of the world.

All our water is polluted.
The air and soil are teeming with microscopic
organisms and particles that kill people and animals.
But no one seems to notice,
or no one seems to care.

When did we stop caring?
When did we stop seeing?
Hypnotized by Technology,
we grow blinder and more complacent
every day.

We are all judged by our bank account,
our homes, our automobiles,
our physical appearance our social status.
I am on the bottom of all those lists.

Some few people know what is going on,
but they are not telling.
They think they will escape the
coming devastation by burrowing
underground like rats or snakes.

When they come out
what kind of world will be left for them?
A poisoned planet.
Poisoned and destroyed by their never ending
quest for riches.

We have Pills for Illnesses.
The pills don’t work.
So we take other pills to make the first ones
do what they were supposed to do.

Doctors have stopped being healers.
Now they are drug dealers.
Many of our drugs today have side effects that are worse
than the disease being treated.

We trust our government.
We Are the Government, if you have ever
read the Constitution of the United States.
When was the last time you made a law?
Sent troops to war to die for nothing?

I wonder why people don’t or won’t see
what is happening.
What can we do?
We can’t stop fighting and killing each other
long enough to see what is really going on.

When in the not too distant future
when space explorers stumble upon this planet
and see what we’ve done to it they will leave.
And they will say there was no sign of intelligent life
Even though the world is littered with the eternal pieces of
our existence that do not rust or corrode or decay.

Everything else will be gone.

Our culture, our so-called history, and our
greatest accomplishments will not even be myths or memories
because there will be no one to remember them.
And the visitors will not care any more then we do now.

Where will you be when the world turns upside down?

On vacation in Florida?

© May 14, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

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A comment on how people are so blind to the destruction and pain and suffering being caused by a quest for wealth. They are going to have to make smaller camels or much larger needles. I think we are coming up to the time of reaping what we’ve sown.


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Mediums: Philip’s art is mostly realism with some exploration of Science Fiction/ Fantasy and historical subjects. Mediums include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, computer art including mixing photography and computer enhancements. The work is “illustrative” as if designed to illustrate a story.

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  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelabout 2 years ago

    Makes you wonder how much worse things could get, might get, before people wake up.

  • I can tell you from personal experience, things can get a whole lot worse.

    – Philip DeLoach

  • su2anne
    su2anneabout 2 years ago

    a truth be told Philip!

  • su2anne,
    Thank you!

    I have a friend and a cousin named Suzanne..:-)

    – Philip DeLoach

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