A Soul’s Flight A life deserves some kind of reason for it’s existence. The Path South to North following the path / of my great grandfather during the Civil War / I find that I remember less and less. Rocks and Hard Places We don’t even know who is really running this country. / We never see them. / They are the Shadow People. Is it Tomorrow Yet? Our history is a lie. / There is so much more to reality than the trivial propaganda / that we are force fed every day. Beach UFO by Philip DeLoach Bretheren “Does this road go all the way to the end?”, I’d say. / I reckon so they all said, but they didn’t really know for … Waiting for a bluebird to land All the beliefs, occupations, religions, afflictions are not us. / They are not me. / We are not what we do or what we believe. Truth is Freedom We know nothing about our own origin and creation / other than the lies, guesses, and propaganda that we are spoon fed / all our lives. When did Compassion disappear? Predators and their Prey are what “Civilization” has become. / Just like wild animals in the Jungle. Finding A Hole The hand of God has wiped away the tears that have been cried / over Mankind’s Foolishness. Got Change for a 30 Dollar Bill? The slower we go the faster time goes. / We are rushing headlong into the chasm / of our own creation. Of Leaf and Light The shadow of leaves / dancing in the breeze / reflected in the patch of sunlight on my wall… / beckons me. Puppeteers by Philip DeLoach A Little Trip Through Space Time You always wondered where you came from and how you got to Earth. / The same way you are now leaving Earth. Who is Driving This Train? Being motionless is death or non existence. / No matter how slow life appears to be moving, / it is moving just the same. Happy July 4th! by Philip DeLoach Duck! by Philip DeLoach Pot Lilly by Philip DeLoach I Thought I Had a Dream There is a purpose. / There must be. / This is no Cosmic Joke. Paying Attention by Philip DeLoach Old Ways “Silly dreams of a Silly Boy” / his mother would say. / Hard work is the only way you’ll ever have anything. Barefoot Boy Now, there are no more lazy summer days. / No more feeling good just being alive. / Much of life is behind him now. / The future is uncerta… Over The Horizon We are connected to all that exists and we need to really get back / to actually feeling and believing what and who we are. Indian Lookout by Philip DeLoach Agatha the Dinosaur by Philip DeLoach Multiverse A-2 by Philip DeLoach Where do We Live? All things are created by thought. / You are what you think about. / If more people changed their thinking / the world would not be in the … Multiverse by Philip DeLoach Troll by Philip DeLoach One Day We are all connected at some level, / but we are also separated by time, space and circumstances. / I feel a reckoning coming. / I Don̵… Mind Forms by Philip DeLoach Freedom of Spee.... by Philip DeLoach Confederate Cavalry by Philip DeLoach Leprechaun by Philip DeLoach Words Words can be like Wine. / Intoxicating and Peaceful / or if misused they can be like poison. Loving Places, People and Things by Philip DeLoach The Blind Leading The Blind The Earth must cleanse herself of the damage and torment / perpetuated by the men of renown, / The Earth must renew itself before a new Wo… The Blind Leading The Blind by Philip DeLoach The Mind of Magic But Magic is for Dreamers and Philosophers. / We are too Earthbound to see / the Possibilities that could exist without / War, Disease, Gr… Baggage and Fleas Try to look at the good things more and think about the bad less. / We attract what we think about. / That’s why life is a hard road … Baggage and Fleas by Philip DeLoach Walker by Philip DeLoach How Can You Tell? To make Feelings become as Things / which are Separate from me so that I can see them better. Scribbler Frog by Philip DeLoach Drizzle We live only in the millisecond of the moment. / The Past is gone, the Future does not exist. / There is only the Eternal Present. Drizzle by Philip DeLoach Co-Created by Philip DeLoach Is It Over? Just like the DNA of one cell in your body has all the / information to build a completely new you. / Maybe sometimes it happens spontaneo… Is It Over? by Philip DeLoach How Do You Sleep? by Philip DeLoach Stone Mountain with Face by Philip DeLoach Snow by Philip DeLoach Flash Gordon-Cowgirl Christmas by Philip DeLoach Loving Places People and Things We would walk down to the River nearby and swim and fish and / catch Crawfish and Mussels. / The river mud always had a distinctive smell … Artateil by Philip DeLoach There Is A Place Our bodies and our entire Universe are mostly empty space. / If we could learn to experience that, we could walk through walls. / We could … The Plowman and His Fields by Philip DeLoach The Plowman and His Fields You can see his gardens in any town you visit. / The fruits of his labor are in long straight rows, / of shiny white polished marble. Reassurance What is Enlightenment worth to you? / Have you ever met an enlightened person? / If I have I didn’t know it. Sky by Philip DeLoach When The Veil Drops One day we will know all that we need to know. / And we will realize we have known it all along. Life’s Voyages In this Swirling Mass of Creation we sometimes meet ourselves / In other lives and other points of decision. / These points are the junctio… Stargazing It doesn’t amount to anything because their government / only lies to the ones back home. / We usually steer them into the desert so … The Oyster and the Pearl by Philip DeLoach How Low Has the Candle Burned? We may have to have our own Party. / Maybe a Bigger and Better Party! / I once heard of a Man who said , / Wherever Two or More are Gathere… What About September? A New World for a Present. / Answers to All Questions Thousands of Years Old. / The real answers. / Not the fake ones we’ve been told… Tired of Being Me People say I’m very talented in Art and Writing. / But they never buy any of my work. / They like it but not enough to buy it. / I do… Me and The Moon I knew there was a reason for all this. / An Intelligence behind it all. / A Big Plan and we were all part of that Bigger Plan. / It made m… Entrance to Stone Mountain Trailer Park by Philip DeLoach Selah by Philip DeLoach The Woodcarver by Philip DeLoach Who Will Save Us? We are all standing on a Precipice / with an army of Soul-less Suits, / pressing us to go over the edge / into the Darkness of Non-Existenc… Turn Out the Day We have learned what we have always known. 
 / That in battle there is always the choice, / 
to win… by choosing not to fight. Destinations You have been here all along. 
 / But not yet. 
 / A hundred years and ten thousand miles, 
 / are swept along with the falling of a leaf. The Other Side of Now v.1 by Philip DeLoach The Masked Ball by Philip DeLoach Opinion Praise and Prizes are not the goal of Poetry. / Finding the Truth and the meat between the / bones of human speech and showing that truth … I Am Asking We hope for a future / but only see the past. / A past that is so lost in lies and manipulations / that it is almost ethereal, like it neve… Stepping into Another Dimension by Philip DeLoach Reunion of Fire I find myself seeking others of my kind. / Others that have the ache of not belonging / to anyone or any place or any time… / But ha…
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