Theres not much to me realy. I love to write. I cant spell to save my life(hahaa). Ive been writeing now for about…I wanna say five years? I dont know. I have been drawing for about eight years. I started doing anime/manga drawings for about four years. I can also be found on a site called Pm me and I may give you my username. Or I may not. Depends on who you are and why you want it. ^^

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Life on other Planets? Say what now?

Just a thought here, but as an addict of the science channel I have come to wonder, is it not possible that the signs we see of other planets possibly once have held life be from ourselves? Is the thought really that hard to believe? Are we not, even now, in search of another planet that could hold life if, for some unknown reason, the earth were to die or no longer give us what we need to live. …
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A random thought...

how can people say God gave us everything…thats not / true the / devil gave us fire..The devil gave us our dark mysterious sides..God / only gave / us Shitty crap..I swear The devil gave us all our good things and God / gave us life..I mean really tell me one person who hasn’t been hurt / just by life in general? I am sorry for all the God loving people, but I have to side with the de…
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2012. A year that many link with the end of the world. But is that what will happen? What if it is not the end but the a start of a new begining. I dont know myself. There are so many things that could happen and yet at the same time nothing could happen at all. What do you all think?
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today is thanksgiveing i this year i spend it with my mom. my grandfather is comeing ove but thats it realy. its me. my little sis, mom, step-dad, and grandpa. fun fun lol.
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