a enthusiastic colorist, montagist and editor [ video ]
the work is mostly based on models and renders
created in strata3d cx

the t-shirt texts are memorials to absurdist conversations
that at the time seemed worth while taking note of
hindsight of course is a wonderful thing
but i don’t let it bother the project

my website here

regards mx

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vote in challenge open

it will close quickly / i am sorry but it has locked on one day to vote / mx
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the first challenge PiMT - Beyond

the first challenge will close in three days / currently there are 4 entries … 2 from hosts which means really / there are only two active entries … to you two thank you very much / i so appreciate the effort … / the lack of participation makes for a little bit of a what if situation / what if it was just perhaps not interesting – as someone who thinks from an automatic…
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an Invitation for all at PiMT- beyond

this week a challenge has been added to our group / it’s theme is very open to interpretation and i hope / will be fun to work with …. / it will be open for four weeks / i hope everyone will have a shot at it / regards mx
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