Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Louisville, United States

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I am a digital artist interested in areas such as fractals, 3d, and other forms of geometric/abstract artwork. I’ve been working with fractals for about five or six years now (as of 2010), and I’ve dabbled in 3d using POV-Ray. Almost all of my fractals are made using Ultra Fractal.

Feel free to send me a message if you would like a wallpaper version for your computer’s background.

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An Introduction

Hello, everyone. Perhaps some of you will know me from elsewhere. Previously I went by the username of “FractalMBrown” on various websites such as deviantART and Renderosity. I have essentially abandoned my accounts on both of those sites, mainly due to my dislike of the terms of the site and/or the overall theme. If anyone remembers me from those sites, feel free to leave me a commen…
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