Monica Vanzant

Monica Vanzant

Edgewater Park, United States

The Cubism Movement and Why I Finally "Get It"

I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art today and saw the Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris exhibit and I now have a new and utterly profound respect for the Cubist Art Movement. Previously, I liked the art form but I was not in love with it. I am a lover of nature; show me a Turner, Moran or a Constable and I am in heaven. But Cubism, though interesting, was just not all that fascinating to me. I never “got it”. Until today. Walking through that exhibit I finally understood the concept of this wonderful and energetic movement, it’s ability to take the average and make it exciting, forcing the viewer to experience this world in a different and, in my opinion, wonderful way. I know now why these innovative artists hold a very important place in art history. I learned today that what might seem boring and mundane can be shattered and remade. What may have been plain and uninteresting before I now know can be dissected, and a work of art can be created by eliminating my preconceived ideas of what reality and beauty look like…

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