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But since Mike has not been bothered to add stuff here Suzy is taking over!


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My first sale of a mounted print!

Many thanks to michaelN for purchasing my green and tranquil image as a mounted print: / you totally made my day :)
Posted over 5 years – 4 comments

Why did they have to change everything :(

sigh / I have be thwarted! I can no longer upload works. Seems like the new fancy uploader doesn’t work from my browser at work and the link to the old one doesn’t seem to load the old one. Anyone got a direct link to the old (better) one?
Posted over 6 years – 5 comments

Warm Welcome...

Wow, I feel very honoured. My first picture has been featured in 3 groups! You guys sure know how to make a new bubbler feel welcome :) / Underwater & Sealife / Underwater Photographer’s Guild / Out of the Blue / Thank you so much for your support.
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Straight into the deep end...

Ok, I’ve taken the plunge and uploaded my first piece of art work. I hope you all like it. / Suzy
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