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Who is Ashley Christine?

She’s a dreamer. A fighter. A lover.

She’s the voice in the wind

I’m an art student at one of the best art high schools on the nation . And proud of it. I love photography. I love art. My arts makes me who I am. Who I am makes my art. I dream big. And I plan to accomplish those dreams.

And I am in love

  • Age: 20
  • Joined: January 2010


Commissions Open!

Alright guys, so money’s tight. My mom is trying to find a part time job, on top of her babysitting/House cleaning job. We don’t have the Food Stamp this month or the past month, meaning there isn’t a darn thing to eat. We are super behind on the bills, and I have no clue how we are going to get this month’s rent. We are thinking of moving to an even smaller apartment just…
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A Bit of Everything

(I just copied this form my Deviantart account, / So I guess I can say that this journal is an update on things going on in my life. Both personal and artistic. If you care to know, read on. If not at least go and skip to the features I have at the bottom of this journal. :] / Resolutions / I guess you can call it resolutions, but it’s just a list of things I …
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