Julie Miles

Julie Miles

Streetsboro, United States

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A bit about Julie A. Miles:

I live in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and have recently discovered computer graphics. Everything I do is self-taught. I use freeware and shareware for my products:
DAZ|Studio, Paint.Net, Fractal Explorer, and Apophysis. When I take photos, I always use my semi-trustworthy Kodak EZ-Share.

My other visual artistic venture is beading. Other hobbies of mine include music, manga, reading and writing.

  • Age: 32
  • Joined: July 2008


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I don’t particularly consider myself an artist – a musician, yes, but visual art? Well, I am taking beading lessons and creating jewelry. And I do have all my digital art and a handful of photographs, but I’ve never been schooled in “art” beyond K-8. I have always been good with colors, but still… / So I was supremely surprised to realize today that within t…
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Poaching Favorites

It sounds weird, huh? But after I’ve looked at an artist’s artwork, particularly an artist I admire, I turn to their favorites list. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorites, although that isn’t why I go through them. No, I’m always looking to collect more art for my favorites list. That is why I call it “poaching favorites.” A lot of peope wou…
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