New MuscularRose Video - Fallout

Helloooo !
I hope you are all well, and life is treating you with kindness.

well its a great pleasure to be able to show you the latest MuscularRose video that Tania Rose, and myself created.

The music, and video was created over about a 4 day period including recording some of the original source sounds used in the track.

and here is our first, in case you have missed it;

Like a Butterfly - A MuscularRose Music Video.

Hello friends!

I wish to share with you the second MuscularRose music video with you all – i sincerly hope you like it, and if you do, to share it around with friends.
If you dont like it, share it with your enemies.

Like A Butterfly – by MuscularRose

MuscularRose is myself, and fellow redbubbler Tania Rose which may lead you to conclude that this is how we got our name. You’d be correct.

SO enjoy the video and think of the possibilities you can create. Tania and I met through redbubble, and over the time built a great friendship and artistic “trust” with one another to start collaborating on an entire MR album.
THere are countless other redbubblers here, some undoubtedly with similar tastes and ideas. So if you want to make something, but you feel one person…

In Search of You - a MuscularRose music video.

Hello friends and fellow redbubblers!

I’ve had the pleaasure of working with Tania Rose on amusic album for the past 18months. Finally we’ve got a music video to show you what we’ve been up to – and i hope you enjoy it.

If you like the track it is available as a digital download for 99c and it available HERE