The video montage process

Somone asked how i make the vids, i explained it to them and they said i should tell everyone.

OK the process is thus;

you get your photos approved by me.
I go to your photos webpage and take a screenshot.
i paste it and crop it in paintshop.
i then save the name as your title and name. (eel by muscularteeth for example)
i then get into my video editing software and locate the file
i add that file to the video stream, and then edit the picture- to move, or have the tv effect, or invert it or whatever…
i also select where the picture will be; centered, to the left etc… when you see the film jig around really fast, thats me going down to each milisecond and moving the picture to a differnt spot on the screen.
then i add a title with your name and the title of the photo.
then i go back t…