Lets focus on... BUTCHART

Unsuprisingly, the interview with Karin Taylor went well, and we all had a good chance to say how much we thought she rocks our RB world.

Today, I have my sites set on another solid, interesting foundation of the RB community, a one BUTCHART from the US of A.
Insiteful, deep, witty, social and very creative, BUTCHART is our second target of this little “LETS FOCUS ON…” thingy.

Without further ado, lets begin;

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Actually, rather than affect it..I think it runs my life. I believe creative people see and feels things more deeply. This can be both a blessing and a curse. When others may see a tree… i see a work of art. A simple encouter can become a story of love or a tragedy of spirit quelled. Creative people walk through life with special glasses on. We are able to viualize all the beauty that surrounds us and internalize all the emotions that assault our senses both positively and negatively. It is what we do with all this stimuli that’s really the heart of the matter and the process. To give it new life and give it back to the world is a burdened priviledge.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

To choose just one is a difficult task. I have encountered and built strong bonds with so many truley beauitful artists here on RB. Each one has given me a part of themselves and graciously accepted the parts of me that i have offered in return.
A wonderful and inspiring poet and photogrpaher Lianne, has touched me deeply. She has become a true balance partner in my life. I feel she will be with me always, and I with her. Admittedly not a big fan of abstract art, she has embraced mine and through it has learned to see the beauty in other abstacts as well. This very soulful and proper woman has also embraced my more graphic sexual images and writings , and found beauty in them too. She has never judged, in fact I feel she is uncapeable of harsh judgement., rather she looks for the true intent and purpose of what other artists offer. She is a standard of goodwill and kindness here on RB.


waiting iii

What jotography does with his art is create poetry for life… seeing the world through his visions is a beautiful view. His intuitive artistry knows no bounds. All his work touches me… as great art should.

the Hanging Hill

John Douglas is another artist whose body of work gives me great inspiration. His paintings are soulful, joyous, whimsical, full of life and love. His photographic images are brilliant. As he travels the world he brings his friends along with his incredible talents with a camera. He embraced me when i first came to RB, and has been a true friend and offered nothing but encouragement ever since.

Simple Pleasures Are Life’s Treasures

Dave Moilanen’s fractal work and ‘Land of Bryce’ series shines. His unique style is equaled only by his enormous heart. His kindness is felt all through RB. Never one to judge, he offers encouragemant and wisdom to all.

Illusion of One

Druidstorm is a genre of one. His work is the most unique i have found on RB. HE continues to amaze and inspire me with each image and accompanying written work added to his portfolio.He brought me into the journey of the inner spirit and helped me find my path of light. His three guardian orbs are ever present both in his work ,and in
his quest for knowledge and truth.


Blamo’s presence on the bubble goes unequaled. His art shows just a portion of how important he has become to the collective creative spirit. Always a kind word and level head for everyone he encounters. If anyone deserves a redbubble by thier name
it is him.

I am sad that my list is limited to 5… as there are so many that inspire me on a daily basis I hope you will give me the opportunity to name a few more… Mel Taylor, Ellamental, Michele Randall, LisaB, Robert Knapman, Steve Hook, DarkArtist, Shayne1101, Sophie, Invisible Artist, and the very talented Muscular Teeth.

So there you go – thanks BUTCHART for taking your time to answer these questions. I even got a mention, yay.

Expect more.

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