MuscularTeeth is a multi-packaged entity; film, music, photography and drawn artwork.
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MuscularTeeth also runs the Video Montage Group here at redbubble, producing videos that display the fine artwork here at redbubble…

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11 hours of work in under 3mins

OK- watch me turn a blank number 3 into a work of art. / [Video]
Posted about 2 years – 8 comments

Childrens Book made

I wrote and then did the artwork for a childrens book i made for my daughter. / its sci-fi / dr seuss style. / WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU LIVED ON THE MOON /
Posted over 2 years – 9 comments

Music Album out!

Tania Rose and I met through facebook and hit it off creatively almost immediatly. / So what did we do? / We made a music album; you can listen to it (and buy it) here / / ITs a project that has taken years to produce, its a bit more sophisticated than slamming a few rubbish bin lids together in a shed – but take a listen and see what you think. / http…
Posted over 2 years – 3 comments

SoundPond Speaker Stands

Hi All. / I recently won a comp to paint some speaker stands for a music studio here in Adelaide, South Australia. / Take a look at how the process developed and came to fruition. / Here are the speaker stands before being painted or primed: / Now primed: / Now 2nd coat / Each speaker stand is just above hip height to me.. so there are quite large, and very heavy. / The top of the 1st speaker s…
Posted about 3 years – 10 comments