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I am a writer, and self-taught digital artist, specializing in photomanipulation, graphic arts and illustration.

I am all over the interwebs, and can be found in the following locations:


All the artworks on display in my gallery are copyrighted © 2007 – 2012 musabenedetta or SamanthaLenore.

All rights reserved.

This work may be copied and shared, but only if You credit and link back to me in the following manner:

“Art by musabenedetta at RedBubble.”

You must include a link to my main page here at RedBubble, as well as a direct link to the art piece in question.

You MAY NOT use this art for commercial purposes.

You MAY NOT use this art for derivative works (photomanipulations, digital painting, etc.).

I DO NOT ALLOW my work to be shared at the following places, under any circumstances:


Please respect these terms. If I find my art posted at any of those sites I will take immediate action.

Please note, also, that none of my Literary works posted at this account are to be shared, copied, or reposted in any way without my express written permission.

  • Joined: July 2010