Most of my recent photo shot are taken in random locations. Fitted between time when I am not working and between clients. Depends on my mood and the weather. Rain is not good for cameras and I do not think ahead enough to carry a plastic covering for the camera.

Have lots of flowery things stored on my memory card. Not people. Though I did have a ten minute period where I had a willing model under ten.

A Quote

“So much of every art is an expression of the subconscious that it seems to me most of all the important qualities are put there unconsciously, and little of importance by the conscious intellect.” ~ Edward Hopper (1882-1967)

Working 2

Not much has changed. Work is the leading factor in my life. Shame really. Photography is my mistress. I continue to treat her badly by postponing our time together and sometimes not even showing up. She is my secret desire that I long for yet can not seem to place at the top of my list. Long breathy sigh.


I have taken lots of photos this past week and a half. More than I have in some time. Have to wait til I get home to load them. Yay.
I won’t be home until Sunday. Am excited. I am tired. I am up at night and must get up and go to work again. I have a sleep in on Tuesday. Am looking forward to that.
Cheers and happy first and fourth of July.


Last week at a house sitting job. Nice garden. Way out in the development land where houses sit on pretty over grown lots and big wood peckers chip away at hung bags of peanuts. Taking photos here and there. Quit but not as quiet as the place of the Lone Pine, That was exceptionally quiet. This area has been here for over 10 years so it has had time to recover from the clearing. This lot is lush and the owner has mixed the wild with the tamed,

Too Small

It would seem that someday I must graduate to more pixels. My old Rebel only has 6.5 or so and this leaves me with limited ability to have prints of any kind but a card or 8 by 10 print. Sigh!

post script
ok…so my problem is cropping and the software that I use. lots of re-dos to be done

Real Sun

Yesterday and as the sun was in recline, the month long cover of clouds blessed us with leaving for parts unknown. My mood went up about ten times.

With birds singing the praises of a rising sun this morning I got up with the desire to walk. No breakfast, just dress and carry what I needed. I went to the running track and walked the four times around (about a mile). The air is lighter today with a cool hint of real spring air. I did a some tai chi exercises after. Helps my back.

The last days of school season and the little off-springs will be set loose upon the world to seek summer jobs and or loaf about as they like to do this time of year. I watched them head towards school today. Some already dressing in shorts and sandals. Three road their skate boards over at the skate park before s…

A Mosey About

I took time to stroll a short loop before my afternoon assignment. Windy and comfortable I took my camera along to see if perhaps I might be inspired to snap something. I took a few shots of ferns in fiddle-head status, a flowering branch here or there. Kinda boring. As I look at the shots I am thinking delete.

I glanced up to the cloudy sky and spotted a large bird. At first I took for granted it was a gull but it seemed bigger. I kept looking and realized it was an osprey. It floated on the breeze and almost seemed to hover over my location. It’s mate was circling as well. They were hunting and moved on to someplace else on the lake. Shortly there after a pair of ducks landed on the lake and I went about my walk. They usually gather near by and I must assume that the presence of…

Sun, finally!

the last three weeks have been a steady gray. for me, this tends to weigh on my good moods. i was beginning to wonder if spring was only for continuous overcast sky and wet soggy days.

sun broke free yesterday. lightened my mood and gave me a shove outside where i carried my camera as witness that the sun had really not gone away.

i shared a gravel path with folks of like mind. chatted with a lady and her elderly beagle who loved attention and wandered over to the same spot and reclaim territory, as old-timers are sometimes prone to do.

eider ducks ,gulls and a new one i had never seen before made their noise as if to they too here happy to see the sun with her cloudy pal. i shared their joy.

i snapped some shots and am waiting until I have more time to load and look and delete. save the …

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