"life, even after death" Sale

Thankyou to the anonymous buyer of a print of “life, even after death”!
If you ever come by the gallery in Stanley, introduce yourself, and i’ll let you shout me a bottle of wine……and I’ll reciprocate of course!!


A hearty “thankyou” to you, Annonymous Buyer of a card of ‘the sea, the mist’……most certainly the fastest that THAT has happened to me……..the ink hadn’t dried, so to speak LOL.
Thankyou again,
Don’t Stop LOL

A purchase......!!

I’d like to extend a personal thankyou to the mystery buyer of “Raven mad”……THANKYOU!!
I hope you have years of enjoyment with this image,
All the very best,

I'm in SoJie 7.......somehow, but I am IN


barnacled steppin’ stones
by David Murphy

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 46000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie 7. SoJie 7 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 7th one, ever, and 73 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on September 29th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The works are shown &…

Dogs Bar, St Kilda

Gday all, especially in St Kilda, Melbourne…..
I will be having a week long Exhibition at the Dog Bar, in St Kilda…..starting from 2pm today the 20th of June. I will have around 10 large framed images on display.
I’ll be hanging around until Tuesday, then will be heading home to Tassy…..
Might see you there……and will be looking for some company to take some bayside piccies on the Monday…….as well….

exhibition update.....

Hello all……
The exhibition commences at 11am on Saturday the 1st of May…….
…….address of Without Pier Gallery is 417 Hampton Street, Hampton.
I will be there during the weekend, and then Monday for some time.
The event closes on the 16th May, and then I go back to little Stanley…..!!
Hope to see some of you melburnians there!!


Not gloating here, but just wanted to let people know, particularly those Bubblers in Melbourne, that i will be having an exhibition at the Without Pier Gallery in Hampton starting from the 1st of May. Would be good to catch up with a few of you, at least!!
Bring your fat and bulging chequebooks……LOL
Might see you there,

An incident at Forgotten Creek.......

The hushed and muted chatter amidst the gathering of onlookers was a mixture of contempt, and of incredulity. Why did he do it? He didn’t look to be the scoundrel, the scourge, that he was condemned to be…….he looked to be a refined man, attired in the white ruffled shirt, and polished boots, his shoulders held high. The only indication that he knew of his fate was the sadness in his eyes…..and his hands tied behind his back.

…………….And he was remembering, as he was led onto the wooden bridge by the platoon of English soldiers, clanking and jangling, muskets at the ready, the Captain barking his orders. Swaying gently in the cool breeze, the roughened, thick rope, tied into the hangmans noose, hung out over the deep chasm forged over the…

"Thankyou.....for holding my hand....."

In a faraway corner of the farm, I stumbled across the small cairn of rocks, with the little brass plaque, and the memories came flooding back. The propellor had long since rotted, that had long gone, but my mind was very much alive, and as my nostalgic look traversed the land, her words came slowly to me…………They were an eccentric couple, for war-torn England, dashing about the countryside, thrilling the crowds with their stunts and aerial magic, the ancient Tiger Moth never letting them down. With their flowing scarves and leather flying gear, the romantic lives they lead was the envy of all. But what was most obvious, to all and sundry, was the deep affection each held for the other……always, the loving embraces, the eye contacts, were prevalent, and …