Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

…time for a change now….. a more realistic biography…but don’t expect tales of the inherited camera that kick-started the passion I have for photography ….even though there was one…

I bought a camera, because it seemed like a nice hobby, this photography thingy. I was able to escape the drudgery of a boring job. So anyway, it blossomed and grew. Eventually, I went broke, printing rolls of films to see one shot costs a lot, but years later someone said Digital, and so here I am…
Ever since then, its been hard to sleep, silly o’clock always comes fast, and a sore neck is my constant companion, mainly from peering at a screen. But, I’m seeing places that I never would have been to, and am more aware of detail now than I ever comprehended before. I have found wonderful similar-minded people that I otherwise would never have met, who, like me, are doing it with their hearts and souls. I benefit from them, I listen, and I learn to understand stuff, and I trust that they get the same from me. My inspiration? To achieve a recognisable style, one that involves depth, and detail, and a story….and to have a good life in the process.

BTW….I now have my own gallery called the “Cow ‘N’ Calf Art Gallery” here in Stanley, so drop in and say g’day.

(Also just one more point i would like to make about my work:
My images may not be used wholly or in part without prior written permission, including copying, duplicating, printing, publishing (even on a web site), reproducing, storing, or transmitting by any means what so ever.
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"life, even after death" Sale

Thankyou to the anonymous buyer of a print of “life, even after death”! / If you ever come by the gallery in Stanley, introduce yourself, and i’ll let you shout me a bottle of wine……and I’ll reciprocate of course!!
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Tasmania...A Visual Journey / Check this link out and see the new book that I’m involved in. / Its a buzz!!
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A hearty “thankyou” to you, Annonymous Buyer of a card of ‘the sea, the mist’……most certainly the fastest that THAT has happened to me……..the ink hadn’t dried, so to speak LOL. / Thankyou again, / Don’t Stop LOL / David
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A purchase......!!

I’d like to extend a personal thankyou to the mystery buyer of “Raven mad”……THANKYOU!! / I hope you have years of enjoyment with this image, / All the very best, / David
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