Sometimes I’m told I see the world in a strange and detailed way. I like to think that’s true. It’s often distracting from reality which is way over-rated. It is the detail that more often brings joy and that’s really what I seek whether in words or photographs of ordinary life or the occasional art I do.

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Bullies and Blame ... here's what I think

What is it about blame that people find irresistible? We have all done it. “They should do something about it,” is a common blame phrase. Or “If it weren’t for X, Y would never have happened,” is another. / I think blame is the trap we fall into when we are sidetracked from the pursuit of answers to our questions. Frustrated with finding that some things don’t have answers available readily, we g…
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Come Write In #26 - Do weeping angels terrify you?

What is your greatest fear? / It’s a much more difficult question in so many ways than it may first appear. / Years ago I boarded with a family when first attending university. There was another boarder, a friend of the husband who managed an RM Williams store in Melbourne. He seemed like a nice enough fellow, a little bit country and a fairly tough, crass sort of bloke. But he was terrified of m…
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Come Write In #25 - Emotional Truth

There are only two hours of today left and I’ve almost missed the boat to post a blog a day so what should I write about? The themes, topics, subjects and musings are endless and I could pluck just any old thing out of the sky. / But the passion or whimsical musings are not hitting me and I do not wish to present anyone who reads my writings with something that is not moving me in some way. That …
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Come write In #24 - nature, nurture or just plain old?

I am becoming my parents. There; I’ve said it! / It’s true and it’s something I never, ever thought I would confess to in a zillion years. But as I get older I hear myself telling my daughter things my mother told me – and just lately, with my half century looming, I’m getting cranky like the old man! (Better do a limb count; legs don’t run in our family). / But you know what? It’s not so bad in …
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