Even at Night by Anne van Alkemade Lovely Lucy Long by Anne van Alkemade There's an angel on my shed by Anne van Alkemade Sun Catcher by Anne van Alkemade The Teddy Bear Tree by Anne van Alkemade One blue elf by Anne van Alkemade

The perfect invention

It slices. It dices. With a little extra grunt it purees.
Creation Reflected - Lerderderg River by Anne van Alkemade I think I'm in trouble by Anne van Alkemade Humpty Mummy by Anne van Alkemade Stretchy Cat by Anne van Alkemade Humpties Robyn and Jacob by Anne van Alkemade Humpty Prince Jacob by Anne van Alkemade Myrniong Uniting Church by Anne van Alkemade Humpty Princess Robyn by Anne van Alkemade Sarah by Anne van Alkemade Twixt Avenue and Moon by Anne van Alkemade Ms Robyn as Princess Humpty by Anne van Alkemade Sub Arches by Anne van Alkemade Bees get busy! by Anne van Alkemade

Alice Moved

Super Boobies by Anne van Alkemade Blue-footed Boobies by Anne van Alkemade

The world according to Merman

At the end of a long series of short days she comes to turn out the sun.

The Green Chair (Images #11)

“Do you realise, there are places and times throughout all we know that are quite simply one-way streets.”


She apologised and started to cry. Said she needed it to buy a present from some bloke or something.
Bones the Dog by Anne van Alkemade

Haunting Emma Deaux – Joe Hammer

The door was like stone and barely even vibrated from his hefty kick.
Teepher Tiger by Anne van Alkemade Tylah Teddy by Anne van Alkemade One day I'll be a butterfly by Anne van Alkemade Me and my shadow by Anne van Alkemade How things come to pass by Anne van Alkemade How things come to pass by Anne van Alkemade

Chooky Karma (Images Project #9)

“There’s bleedin’ everythin’. Shot guns, rifles, Samurai sword, One o’ them double header axes, and a blunder thingy.” / “Blunderbuss!” Ca…

The existence of heroes

Wolverine was licking his knuckles and whimpering

For want of a little light (Images Project #8)

It was a typical black school shoe but Bernie recognised it immediately. He grabbed it from the dog, horrified to find the bones of a littl…

PM Edition – Celebs Candidly – Mo…


They come!

Louis heard the sickening crunch and Jeff was silent.

It crawls

Ralph stood five feet behind her, squealing like a five-year-old girl.

Smokin’ (Images Project #7)


PM Edition – Celebs Candidly – Su…

Rumour has it the feud will continue throughout the year, impacting on other festivals such as Halloween and … yes folks … Chri…

Burn (Images project #6)

The emeralds and rubies of a destroyed art work in glass were stomped unceremoniously out of sight as the battle between man and the life-f…

Clear skies (Images Project #5)

They walked in silence for awhile, both listening carefully for the telltale whoosh sounds of transports overhead.

A thank you to all who have shown me support

Perspective, each has given me – all those who know me best.

Tall Tales (Images Project #4)

“There are more monsters around the world than you or I will ever know. Just a matter of perspective really."

Daddy’s with an angel (Images Project #3)

“Maybe that’s where Daddy is,” Jake said finally. “In China! Yeah, that’s where he is.” / “Shut up, Jake. He’s not in China.”

It waits (Image Project #2)

_“Come here my little pretties,” Steve croaked and dragged his leg in the dust as he walked around the campfire. _

In these four walls (Image Project #1)

“Un’altra ora forse,” she mumbled, and she would return in an hour for her cloves of garlic.


A creature caterpillars along the ravine at the same rate as Bug. Its antenna quiver as it filters movements and space in the air above its…

Don’t piss off a poet

The floodgates have opened / And the dam has burst. / Issuing forth / this hurt-filled verse.
Look me in the eye by Anne van Alkemade Eagle Eye by Anne van Alkemade Strutting by Anne van Alkemade Babies' day out by Anne van Alkemade

Haunting Emma Deaux – Spuds

The coroner concluded there had been an obstacle half buried in the soil which appeared to have been removed from the scene soon after the …

The end is nigh!

“There is no hope, no prayer. We’re all doomed.”
Merry Christmas Beetle by Anne van Alkemade

The Blender

“What happened to your watch?” / “It got caught in the blender."

In Daddy’s Shoes

When it’s time to get up for school / Daddy is ready for work. / But the day would fly by if Daddy and I / could switch places by some luck…

Haunting Emma Deaux – Carnival Tricks

The first time Emma and Shaz met, Emma thought her heart would leap up through her throat and high tail down to shitsville.

Haunting Emma Deux – (Greedier)

Sergeant Johns knew Vinny quite well and had grown accustomed to coming across bizarrities when he took Vinny’s calls. So, he wasn’t surpr…

In your moment

Or are there voices taunting you / with loving words of care, / but expecting the impossible …

She waits

So she waits forever more / under the loquat tree.

Would you?

They say you’d never / ever make it through / so tell me, girl, / Would you do it for love?
Hunger by Anne van Alkemade


the sex wasn’t so bad … she even enjoyed it sometimes after he’d gone to sleep.
A Grim Debate by Anne van Alkemade

Captain Moonlight’s Church

Perhaps a mischievous wraith / is giving its joists a jolly good tickle!

The teddy bear tree

Down beside the old Teddy Bear Tree / if you look very closely you might see …

INTERVIEW with the Boogieman

“I do get great satisfaction seeing people run like the clappers. I find it somewhat disconcerting though if they have a heart attack…
Billy by Anne van Alkemade


true love once tested falls foul in one’s mind

Count down

Digital seconds ticked over on the bomb as he worked at the table leg, inching it second by second towards him.
The early bird by Anne van Alkemade

Forever mine

All these things impossible / make loving you improbably
C'mon Buster, let's go by Anne van Alkemade

Nuts and Bolts

“He is my glue.”
Dandelion by Anne van Alkemade Mine? by Anne van Alkemade
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