Recent Poem

The trucky’s kid Dad makes me fresh squeezed juice / And vegemite on toast / And a little bit of cheese on top / That’s the part that I like most. Yearning Can I feel your hand / pass before my eyes; Rose in Rain by Anne van Alkemade Thorny Valentine by Anne van Alkemade Guinea Pig Valentine by Anne van Alkemade Emma snippet – Daisy Cat Now Joe’s dead, now he’s dead, / Reunited with his dead horse Ned. Darkness before the dawn Are they your wings I hear / throbbing in my ears? / Your feathers touch my shoulders / sloped from burdened years. Fly with ruby red eyes by Anne van Alkemade A thank you to all who have shown me support Perspective, each has given me – all those who know me best. In your moment Or are there voices taunting you / with loving words of care, / but expecting the impossible … She waits So she waits forever more / under the loquat tree. The teddy bear tree Down beside the old Teddy Bear Tree / if you look very closely you might see … Echoes true love once tested falls foul in one’s mind My menagerie Yes, Frank thought he was a budgie / Even his scales weren’t belied / That he couldn’t whistle and swing / Out of water, that’s why he died. Centipede POME So I helped the shoe-lorn arthropod, / sorting the bath debris. / There was nothing under the loofa, / nothing that I could see. My advice There’s plenty a peg to hang your coat / space for swinging your cat Perspective A little birdie told me Water Thinker Turning taps to fill your need / to hose down paths of concrete Hues For those wrongs committed / on summer hell fire days. Tranquility A gentle breeze makes waving reeds / almost complete the scene I can hear the ocean I look at the opalescene of the conch shell that I hold / and wonder at the tiny people living in its fold. My Broom Only Holds One “I can only carry one more,” / Sybilla said, “just one!” / “So whose turn is it this year / to come and have some fun?” Full Bloom And so, thy godess spreads her skirts / and mortals delve within Night Blossoms (poster) by Anne van Alkemade Wistful floating in water / flying at night / dreams on a breeze / clouds so white Look! No Difference. It’s true to say that the sprites black and white, / with the clarity of soul and unprejudiced sight, / could teach the world lessons ever … Pigs and Spiders - Poetee by Anne van Alkemade Summer Breeze by Anne van Alkemade