Come Write In #26 - Do weeping angels terrify you?

What is your greatest fear?

It’s a much more difficult question in so many ways than it may first appear.

Years ago I boarded with a family when first attending university. There was another boarder, a friend of the husband who managed an RM Williams store in Melbourne. He seemed like a nice enough fellow, a little bit country and a fairly tough, crass sort of bloke. But he was terrified of mice. At the time I thought it was incredibly odd, especially for someone who grew up in Victoria’s north.

But not so. It seems when he was a lad there had been a mouse plague. He had fallen asleep sitting up in bed one night and woke surrounded by mice crawling all over his bed. When he stood, the wallpaper all around him had been eaten away by the mice and all that was left was his silhouette. I don’…