Hooray hooray hip hip hooray.
It has been a massive undertaking and now I don’t know whether to feel relieved or super dooper nervous.

Please head over to Blurb and take a peek. It’s got real gold within it’s pages and a cheap buy at $11.50! Especially when you consider there are 34 contributors, mostly stories but some images as well.

The cover designed by the fantastic Catherine Swanson

Flashback update #2 plus chance to win!

Flashback has had over 950 hits to the site.
It has sold 53 copies.
And even the buyers are winners now with Mr Baxter declaring the “Oooo sisters” should win this week’s Buyer’s Booth.

Ah, life is good in the Flash Fiction Group.
The voucher from Buyer’s Booth will now be up for a prize in an extra special challenge, in time for a bit of spending on one’s self before Christmas. If you want a chance to win a $30 voucher to spend on Redbubble, then why not enter the challenge.

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