Flashback update #2 plus chance to win!

Flashback has had over 950 hits to the site.
It has sold 53 copies.
And even the buyers are winners now with Mr Baxter declaring the “Oooo sisters” should win this week’s Buyer’s Booth.

Ah, life is good in the Flash Fiction Group.
The voucher from Buyer’s Booth will now be up for a prize in an extra special challenge, in time for a bit of spending on one’s self before Christmas. If you want a chance to win a $30 voucher to spend on Redbubble, then why not enter the challenge.

Tis Here

Big fat happy dance

Flash Fiction has won Mr Baxter’s Buyers Booth of the week.
So, I’m donating the $30 voucher back into the group.
Stay tuned for details.
And thanks and a very big Mwah to Tash and Neen who posed for the photo.
If you want a bit of the Flash Fiction action, head on over to the group and check out what we’re all about … maybe give it a go too! You just never know.

Flash Fiction

Flashback Update

So far, there have been 915 visits to the site (and I’m sure most of them are not me!) plus 50 copies sold.

I’ve yet to see the book as hard copy, can hardly wait. But I think northern hemisphere deliveries are now happening so Aussies can’t be too far behind hopefully.

It’s all still a bit exciting!

Thank you thank you Mwah!!

A huge thank you to the wonderful, discerning buyer who bought a matted print of my Merry Christmas Beetle a short time ago.

This is my first image sale in quite some time and you have really made my day!

What have they got in common?

Nothing, it seems.
1. The View from Your Window by The Daily Dish, a book featuring photographs from … um, windows!
2. 100 Small Paintings by Carol Marine by Carol Marine, a book featuring 100 paintings by, you guessed it, Carol Marine.
3. Untitled by Brian Baba, a book featuring a huge stack of interesting people photographs


4. Flashback, a collection of very, very short stories by various, a collection of, well, you know!

Two of the first three books retail for over $40. Ms Marine’s book is a humble $21.66. And Flashback is only $9.95!

The first three are images. Flashback is writing.

So what have they got in common. They’re all the OVERALL BEST SELLERS on Blurb. That’s right. Flashback has moved from the ‘literature best seller list’ to the Blurb Be…

Flashback update

As of 10.57am, Saturday 21 November, Blurb has shipped 18 copies of Flashback (Sales stats on Blurb are based only on those orders which have been paid for and actually shipped so the figure basically confirms sales). Grapevine stats indicate over 60 sales. Well done Flash Fiction Group. You guys rock. We all do.

Now available in soft cover

The new Flash Fiction Book … Flashback … is now available on Blurb.
Check out the preview here

Please note, the book was only uploaded this evening (Monday 16 November).
I have ordered a preview copy but the postage-free deal with Redbubble will most likely run out before the preview copy arrives.

It’s up to you, order but caveat emptor.
HOWEVER, the final pre-print was done by our very own GeorgieGirl and beautifully done I might add. So I have every confidence in the product.

Please note, on check out you will need to quote the discount voucher available as a Redbubble member. Details are here

There is no mark up on this book even though available for sale through my own account. In other words, available to you at cost.

Just an additional comment. Please don’

A message for all Flash Fictionaires

Fear not Flash Fictionaires
The unfeaturing of all work is simply a bit of housekeeping in preparation for two things:
1. The release of our annual book which is so so so so very close to reality
2. The recommencement of new competitions/challenges so we can get a good stock of new stories for next year’s book. Yes, I think there will have to be another! That’s the aim, but we’ll see how we go.

It’s also time to get your thinking caps on. Your dutiful hosts want as much participation in the coming months as we can muster, not just in terms of stories submitted, but also ideas about what you want to see this group do. We want your input for:
prize suggestions (which will be duly considered)
games in the forums
lots and lots and lots of interaction.

Pop into the forums or bubble…

Good enough to eat? Better!

A while back I met two local musicians who made a CD to raise funds for bushfire victims. They were such gorgeous ladies that we’ve become good friends (Jhanine, we’re over due for a cuppa).

Well, in typical, Redbubble zealoutry, I’ve talked them both into joining Redbubble and they are now posting their works. Not just fantastic music, music lyrics, and poetry, but also their painting and … well … there seems no limit to these two creative people.

Natasha has been busy as a bee, posting her lyrics and poetry. Some rings true, some resonates and others leave little echoes knocking about in your mind. If you’re curious, click here

While they make great music together, they also make great art apart too. Jhanine, an accomplished artist, has recently turne…

Around About Daily

I’ve undertaken to do at least one ‘personal observation’ through the lens every day. It has been going for about 66 days (with a couple of skips and jumps).

Naturally, Saturdays are “Arty Saturdays” where Robyn and I do at least one thing related to art.

Today’s Arty Saturday has been posted. I’m rather pleased with it … a tad … using existing resources plus a little gardening to boot.

We've got heat

Yes, people, after all my panic and moaning, I went out and bought myself a $30 fan heater. Yes, I know it’s electric and not environmentally friendly, but it’s a short term solution and I cannot believe how effective this weenie little appliance is proving to be.

My minor crisis is over for the time being. My house is warm (it’s only a small house so I only need a small heater, it seems).

Thank you to those who offered their support. Kisses to you xxx. Especially to Matsumoto who offered profits from one of his works to help me and to DeliriousGirl who spread the word. Here, have a few hugs too! ooo. Pre-weenie-heater … even if I was cold, my heart was warmed.

I can now add my egg money to the fund and take my time about replacing the offending antique.


Heat, heaters, frosty mornings and my naivete

These frosty mornings we’ve been having usually last until midday at my house (in the front yard shadow of the house at least!!)

Two nights ago, the fan on my heater seized. “Oh bother,” is not what I said. I had one of these die on me in my first house and even back then (15 years) it cost near on $500 to repair. Anyway, I thought I’d have to bite the bullet today and max out my credit card … again … (basically spend it and run for cover gasping and panic stricken).

And I rang two gasfitters.

The first one said “yes, I can fix that but I might be a little while before I can get there”.
“Um …” I said. “What do you mean ‘a little while’? Er 3-4 hours?”
He burst out laughing. “No, 3-4 weeks!”.
He did offer me some comfort though with the advice that I can run the heater on low without the fan…

Help me get the heat on!

Okay, the fan in my heater is officially dead and I need to find a way to either fix it or replace it.

Being that its mid winter here and the nights are downright freezing, I can’t contemplate getting through the next couple of months without a heater. But I’ve seen a few bubblers from time to time start their own personal ‘fund’ to help them get over a hump or two and here is what I propose to do.

I am offering my services as a writer with a bent for fractured verse and the occasional Flash Fiction to craft personalised verse in your choice of style, be it limerick, rhyming or open poetry, or a Flash Fiction, your choice of subject and any personal details you want included.

I will then put that creation (once approved by you) on a poster, card or as a Poetee (t…

Holidays. Yay-ish

Okay, feeling kinda weird and wacky and probably over tired after a fairly stressful week. But it’s behind me now and looking forward to a big sleep in tomorrow and no doubt some lovely cuddles with my best girl! It’s going to be a no-rush Saturday, with some Arty Saturday thrown in some time, most likely in the afternoon.

Not sure what we’ll be doing for Arty S. tomorrow (today) but it may involve making books with Robyn’s photos, or perhaps going out and taking some more if the weather is nice.

I say “Holidays. Yay-ish” because I know it will be pretty full on with Miss home most of the time. However, she’s becoming a real little person now and we have conversations and ‘everything’. She’s at a really nice age in many respects.…

Nothing says "I won" like a great surprise

Imagine my surprise this morning when my friendly neighbourhood parcel postie Graham knocked on my door! Strangely enough I wasn’t expecting a visit from him this week – ‘strange’ because Flash Fiction co-host Chanel2 had told me she was sending me my prize only a couple of days ago. Must be a short-term memory thingy.

Well! I opened up my prize for winning the recent Under a Rock challenge and said to the empty room “ohmygodohmygodohmy god”.

Yes, I do some of the prizes too … the trophy, medal and certificate (C’s idea) are expected. But all the bits and bods that went with it are so much fun and all somehow connected with me or my story!

Do you want to sneak a peek?

Soooo, if you would also like a visit from your friendly parcel postie…

Have a look, have a guess

What do you know
when you look in the sky,
or down below,
or the rules you defy?
What causes us all
to stay where we stand
a wheel to turn
or heads in the sand?
It’s surely not spinning
or gravity!
Surely it’s not water
or a cup of tea.
But look through a scope,
a lens or just read
and you’ll see the theme,
to win, that you need.

Click here

Why do I write, why bother?

I need to write this but I will try not to be dour. It’s something I need to do and if you read it then I am grateful for your interest, and if you comment, then I am honoured..

I’ve been given cause to pause in recent days, weeks … months even – yes, a long pause … to think over and over about why I write creatively and what does it do for me. Is it really worth the angst? Can I be bothered expending energy and pouring out my creativity onto the page where it either is criticised for being light and fluffy or just not read?

The first point I guess is to declare that I don’t write purely for catharsis. Like most writers, I have to do it, yet I feel the process is incomplete if no one reads it and has some sort of reaction.

The urge is within me although a great deal of…

Convent afternoon with Chanel2

I’d like to tell you about a wonderful Sunday afternoon I spent with the lovely Chanel2 at the Abbotsford Convent. Melbournites are pretty familiar with this gem but I’ve never been there before and agreed to the venue because it was roughly half-way between where Chanel and I live.

Let me tell you this place is absolutely wonderful, not only because of the fantastic buildings and the great food, but also because of the whole atmosphere. The Convent is now owned by the local community and is a massive community centre the likes of which I’ve never seen before. There are resident artists and writers, courses and classes, counsellors and support groups, all existing within the halls and corridors of the former Christian home.

Nearby is the Collingwood Children’s Animal Farm and that’s on my…

Of global importance

If you’re female and you have a heart,
click on here, make a start.
Ms JLBT has put out the alert
to an easy way to help our earth.
Go on, join up, don’t need to be brave
and our world is worth it to save.

My exciting news

This evening was the opening night of the Bacchus Marsh Rotary Club Art Show and Sale which is held every year over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. This year’s event had an additional category, for photographs (although I have entered in the general media section for a few years and won a commended prize a couple of years ago).

But this year, I won first prize in the photography section with my image In Another World. It’s the first time I’ve ever won an event in an art show, more specifically this one in my home town. There were almost 800 works of art in the show overall (although not sure how many in my category but a lot more photographs than in the past). It is such a huge honour for me and the feedback I’m getting from the local community even after …

Head in the Sand!

I hate to admit it, but my head has been in the sand an awful lot with regards to Redbubble’s woes and now I must journalise about it because I’ve just discovered (very late in the piece) that two of my favourite writers on the bubble have left. Gayla Drummond and JCMontgomery are no more! And I feel deeply saddened by this. I wish I’d known they were going before they left.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why they are gone?

And I guess it’s time I stopped hiding and started being much more proactive on RB again as I love this place BECAUSE of the people here as much as about what they create. I don’t know how I can be more active, but I will try to participate more in terms of challenges as a member, and trying to engage the people currently in my groups.


Potato cuts with kids

Tomorrow afternoon is ‘Arty Saturday’! Robyn and I spend our Saturdee Arvos doing anything with an art theme.

I want to try something new and thought maybe we could try our hand at doing some potato cut printing.

Has anyone got any hints, tips or tricks (or as I just tried to type, some trips or ticks)?

What are the critics saying?

Okay, confession up front. This is not so much about critics as it is about what the readers are saying about Haunting Emma. My ego is so malleable, and not everything written is good but most has been just wonderful. So I thought I’d present some things said so far right here.

Indulge me.

Allison said:
well I took your book with me on my holiday and read it on my travels. I am not a reader at all but I was determined to read it, I can tell you I was so dissapointed when I finally put it down. Not that it was bad but that it ended. I absolutely loved it Anne, it was intriguing, confusing, consuming and I never wanted to put it down. I made myself read it slowly on our trip a few chapters at a time ‘cause I knew while reading it that I didn’t want it to end. Are your ot…

Tell me a ghost story and I'll tell you mine

I’m looking for someone to write a review of my novel on Redbubble.
I don’t just want hands up! I want to hear about your ghost story! Real, imagined, funny, scary, write to me in this thread.

One rule, it must be 150 words or less.
there’s always a catch!
And since your story will be 150 words or less, why not submit it to the Flash Fiction Group while you’re about it?

Closing date for your ghost stories here is Monday 13 April.
But there’s never a closing date in the Flash Fiction Group.

3, 2, 1 ... we have lift off.

For the last couple of months I’ve been focused on a project very close to my heart. Can you guess? Yes, yes, it was publishing my first book, Haunting Emma. Sunday 29 March was the day for me to officially release my story to the world and I chose to do this at the local Blacksmith Forge Book Barn (a bookshop seemed to be a logical place).

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to share this special event with many bubblers because coincidentally I had chosen the same weekend as the Melbourne Writers Retreat. So imagine my surprise if you will when they decided to move from east to west and hold their retreat in Bacchus Marsh!

Invitations were also mailed out to friends, family and local people I have come to know quite well. And an article in the local paper in the lead up al…

Music for Bushfire Relief

Can I tell you about some wonderful new friends I made recently?
Their names are Natasha Hurst and Jhanine Love, formerly a musical duo known as Isis.

There’s a story about Natasha and Jhanine going in next week’s local paper. The ladies have composed a song prompted and influenced by the recent Victorian Bushfires. They have recorded it and it’s now available for sale from their MySpace sites (and at $5 a copy plus postage, it’s a bargain). 100% of sales (not just profits) are being donated to the Victorian Bushfire Relief appeal.

The song was written while Jhanine and Natasha were waiting to hear of news of Jhanine’s aunt who lives in Kinglake. For those of you who haven’t heard, Kinglake was one of a number of Victorian towns devastated by bushfires …

Bubble Magic in Moorabool Shire

Over the weekend of Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March, Ballan Lions Club held its inaugural photography competition and exhibition. Of the exhibitors and competition entrants, seven are members of Redbubble, not to mention key organiser of the event being our own Mick Davson.

This was a fantastic opportunity for local photographers to show the local community what we can do. Although sadly I was unable to go to the opening night on Friday, by all accounts it was an impressive and successful opening which included many local dignitaries from the Moorabool Shire.

I did manage to capture a couple of exhibitors in the throes of setting up their displays, nervous about the reception they would be receiving, and definitely hating being on the receiving end of a photographer’s pushy requests…

I'm not here for a while

Hi all
Just letting those of you on my watchlist know that I’m not in my Munnaminx account much at the moment. Working over at Phoenix-Appeal so bubble me there if you need to catch up.


Bushfire Appeal

I am setting up a Redbubble account to raise funds for the victims of the Victorian bushfires here Bushfire Appeal

Hopefully this will help in some small way to get the people affected by this weekend’s horrific fires to rebuild their lives.

If you would like to donate art or tees to this endeavour, please send me an email with the work you would like to donate. Anything gratefully received.


Can anyone suggest where I might get a whole crayfish or model (preferred) for a photo shoot over the next 2 days? I’m not able to travel the Earth, but perhaps Melbourne, west of Melbourne or Ballarat (or if you have something like this at home and you live in Moorabool, that would be totally brilliant).

Probably an unrealistic request, but if you don’t ask …

And while we’re talking about unrealistic and crazydays, this link may interest some Riginals

Emerging Writers Festival

The next Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival has extended to a ten day event this year, starting Friday 22 May!

The following is an email from Festival Director David Ryding with some fantastic news about events and opportunities for writers. If you’re interested, why not subscribe to David’s EWF news by email .

Or you might like to get in touch with other writers and find out what’s happening here

From David
From Friday May the 22nd to Sunday the 30th the Emerging Writers
festival will be showcasing, championing and generally igniting emerging writers over ten days in a wide range of events combining the old favourites with some special new programs.

New events will include our new performance event /Speakers Corner/, our young and emerging series /In the pub/, our first /Living Library/ …


Please excuse the hyperbole but I think it’s entirely justified. There are some absolutely superb images in the It’s All About Australia challenge.

Voting is now open (if you haven’t already read Darren’s timely Group Bubblemail) and I urge you to go and have a look. There are some really wonderful images there and it is truly difficult not to just click on all 70.

Garn. Go have a peek.

An absolute MUST READ

For those of my friends on Redbubble who have not already acquainted themselves with the writings of Fleece, I urge you to do so now and to start with this brilliant piece ! Don’t be put off by the word count. You will start to read and it will be no effort whatsoever. It is one of the best works I have read on Redbubble and coming close to this are other pieces by Fleece.

This is an unpaid, unprompted journal and even though Fleece is a cat, I think even he may blush a little if he sees this journal.

Watch out Adelaide, here I come

I’m feeling rather excited just at the moment. I did it! I bit the bullet, bent the credit card and I booked my plane ticket to Adelaide for next month.

So watch out Crow Eaters. I’m on my way.


Car Show event to get you snapping

If sparkling chrome, polished brass and gleaming duco are the things that get your camera turned on then pop Sunday 1 February in your diary. The David Calleja Memorial Car Show is on again in Bacchus Marsh.

A few details on this image:

It’s not all just things on four wheels that go vroom. There’s usually a pretty darn healthy contingent of Harleys and hellraisers, some monstrous rigs and possibly also a ‘sound system’ sound-off where whoofers were put to their whoofiest test.

Last year’s show had over 450 entries of all colours and descriptions AND all eras. From memory, the oldest vehicle was a restored Model T Ford (but I could be wrong). In any case, everything from Vintage and Veteran, Classic to Current and all very much lovingly presented.

For you cit…

Wahoo a sale!

Apologies in advance but at the moment if I grin any bigger the top of my head will fall off.

I sold a tshirt of a short time ago and I’m chuffed. I don’t know who the buyer is (although I have a sneaking suspicion!). But Grrrrr is one of my own little faves and I’m so glad it’s found a chest somewhere to love.

As Craig would say

A never ending story

Care to add to the tale?

This is the title of a new, moderated thread in the Writers Forum

The rules are only that each installment should be under 150 words, and that the thread will be moderated to keep the story flowing.

Anyone can join in – you don’t have to be a member of any group or even consider yourself a “writer”. Let’s see where our soap opera (if that’s what it turns into) will take us.

I’m hoping this will help to breathe a little life into the Writers Forum.
Wish me luck!

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