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Come Write In #25 - Emotional Truth

There are only two hours of today left and I’ve almost missed the boat to post a blog a day so what should I write about? The themes, topics, subjects and musings are endless and I could pluck just any old thing out of the sky.

But the passion or whimsical musings are not hitting me and I do not wish to present anyone who reads my writings with something that is not moving me in some way. That would be disrespectful.

For me, my writing must have even a small amount of emotional truth to it or I’m being dishonest. It doesn’t matter what that emotion may be really. It doesn’t need to be heavy or angsty. In fact, I prefer to keep the angst-filled poetry, for example, to myself … unless, of course, I am satirising it.

And having written the above, I realise that the bottom line with all my writing is the emotional truth I present to you. But what the emotion is could be anyone’s guess. I could tell you, but I do expect a little interpretative muscle put into it by my dear reader.

Just thinking about it a little bit.
Just thought I’d write a bit about it.
Just a slight pondering that flashed through my mind just now.

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