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COME WRITE IN #19 – Who is Eddie Teasedale?

I’ve posed the following questions early in my novel “Grim Harvest” which is the sequel to Haunting Emma. The question is: who the hell is Eddie Teasedale and why is he important?

I have no idea – what I mean is I have not settled on an answer. But there are plenty of possibilities. I’m curious as to why I chose his name in the first place. I’m curious that he popped into my head when I was writing the second chapter of my book and he really was an unannounced character. I had no distinct inspiration for this person.

Here’s what I know about Eddie so far.

We first hear about Eddie from his wife Ruby who has her palm read by Emma at the local cow paddock carnival. Ruby thinks Eddie is cheating on her. He most likely is not, but he is holding a deep, dark, nasty secret.

Emma gets Vinny onto it. She thinks he is linked in some way to the murder of Bert Warden (in the first chapter). But Vinny can’t find Eddie. He keeps appearing briefly then disappearing again. Eddie is like a ghost but he most definitely is not, and the ghost population around town have very little information to offer on this individual.

Who the hell is Eddie Teasedale and how did his teasing name come out of my labyrinthine imagination?

This is worse than Where’s Wally because Wally, as far as I know, has no motives for staying hidden other than it’s a game of hide and seek. Maybe that’s all there is to it. But in her vision, Emma saw Eddie Teasedale place a mysterious object in the murder victim’s letterbox before high tailing it out of there in absolute terror.

Hmmm. Is Eddie Teasedale teasing you too?

I’m thinking about Cluesford
I’m writing about Cluesford
I’m hoping blogging about Cluesford will help me find some satisfying answers

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