Come Write In #18 - Sacked!

Okay, I lost my job. I was with them for six years without pay rate change and ‘had the nerve to ask for an increase’ when, according to my lovely former boss, I was delivering work that was ’amateurish at best’. Funnily enough this was the first time she had mentioned it and I thought the fact that my stories were being published almost all the time without any alteration meant she was happy with them.

I won’t go into doing the ‘he said/she said’ crap. All of that is bouncing around in my shocked skull and it’s getting me down. But I will say that I am now firing myself up to get on with what I love and what I believe I was put on this earth to do! Fiction!

I’m currently doing the final corrections to Flashback. I hope to the gods and stars that it will be online ready for purchase by Friday.

And then I am getting on with my novels Emma sequel and Sculpt. They’ve been sitting there yelling at me for such a long time and I yearn to fall into their pages again.

In the new year I might be back to teaching again. My old stomping ground, Melton South Community Centre, has invited me back to teach. And yesterday I was invited to retry the Workplace Training course that I threw in a few months back due to pressure.

The stars are jostling for position and they spell out one word for me. WRITE.

In the meantime all the nastiness of yesterday’s phone call and the lead up to it will continue to bounce around in my head until I can get a bloody mental fly swat. I’m looking for one with a golden handle. Any ideas?

can’t stop thinking about it all
hope to stop thinking about it all
damnit, gonna stop thinking about crap and get on with it

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