Rose in Rain by Anne van Alkemade Darkness before the dawn Are they your wings I hear / throbbing in my ears? / Your feathers touch my shoulders / sloped from burdened years. Above the clouds look for the nick / that starts to tear / to catch a glimpse / above / the day. comforting my friend For while you’re true to who you are, / serpent’s wish tall poppies fall. Moonlight and sugar fright While water’s still, they may seem, / beneath it sirens keen Serenity Farm The rooster’s on my steering wheel / So I never need to toot. Afterwards (There are) crusts of toast where you’d least like them most Don’t piss off a poet The floodgates have opened / And the dam has burst. / Issuing forth / this hurt-filled verse. A thank you to all who have shown me support Perspective, each has given me – all those who know me best. She waits So she waits forever more / under the loquat tree. In your moment Or are there voices taunting you / with loving words of care, / but expecting the impossible … Would you? They say you’d never / ever make it through / so tell me, girl, / Would you do it for love? The teddy bear tree Down beside the old Teddy Bear Tree / if you look very closely you might see … … at dinner his hands smelled of rosemary / when he cupped them ‘round my face / planted a gentle forehead kiss / to atone for his disgrace Echoes true love once tested falls foul in one’s mind Mummy’s flipped “Pick up that orange skin,” / she shrieked and pointed there / to a corner in my doll house / and a fairly mouldy bear. Bare feet Well, today I’m taking the side of my feet / They deserve to wiggle their toes Watcher I carry in my wounded heart / Eve’s knowledge of her kin / that loss of purest innocence / and other forms of sin Perhaps In this single fixed point in time / Beyond the physics of atoms, matter or mass / My consciousness, eternal